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You will find on this site the last release of the Alambik® Viewer developed from the recent porting of Alambik® Script 4.0 under the Windows operating systems (Win 95, 98, Millennium, NT, W2K, XP).

Alambik Viewer is compatible with Netscape 4+, InternetExplorer 4+, Opera 6 and Mozilla. Our Linux viewer is under work.

With Alambik® Viewer 2.00 you will be able to access the whole world of Alambik® multi-content and truly audiovisual productions (check our own examples at

   842 698 bytes
   5 mn @ 28.8K
   2 mn @ 56K
   1 mn @ 128K
< 1 mn With CABLE/DSL

In just one quick download you will, in fact, get two products:

  • Alambik® Viewer: Enables you to enjoy Alambik®'s multi-content audiovisual productions within a native standalone window.

  • Alambik® Plug-in: Enables you to enjoy Alambik®'s multi-content audiovisual productions embedded within an HTML browser.

Download our latest product : Alambik® McPlayer: Enables you to play Hyper Digital Videos (".HDV" files) and Alamgrams (".ALG" files) as well as ".MPEG", ".AVI", ".WMV", ".ASF" and ".OGG". The Alambik McPlayer is set up with control buttons which allow you to interact on these linear productions (play, pause, stop, forward, rewind, skip to the desired track, etc.). To download the Alambik MC Player, please click here.

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